Math 1071Q Fall 2019

Course Information.

Instructor: Joshua Flynn
Office Hours: M 11:30-1:00, W 10:00-11:30
Office: 322 Montieth
Email: Check your email. I will have emailed you before.
Course Syllabuscomplete syllabus found here
Textbook: A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications 11E, Dennis G. Zill

Lecture Notes.

Note: These lecture notes are not a substitute for the text. They are written for me to reference in class, but they may be useful in case you missed class. There also may be tpyos. If you see a typo, please let me know.

Week 1:
Lecture Notes A.1
Lecture Notes A.2
Lecture Notes A.6

Week 2:
Lecture Notes 1.1
Lecture Notes 1.4

Week 3:
Lecture Notes 1.2
Lecture Notes 1.3

Week 4:
Lecture Notes 1.5
Lecture Notes 3.1

Week 5:
Lecture Notes 3.2
Lecture Notes 3.3

Week 6:
Lecture Notes 4.1
See Derivative Handout

Week 7:
Derivative Handout
Derivative Handout (answers)
Lecture Notes 3.4

Week 8:
Lecture Notes 4.5
Lecture Notes 5.1

Week 9:
Lecture Notes 5.2
Lecture Notes 5.3

Week 10:
Lecture Notes 5.4
Lecture Notes 5.5
Curve Sketching Practice Solutions

Week 11:
Book Examples
Lecture Notes 5.6

Week 12:
Lecture Notes 6.1
Lecture Notes 6.2
Integration Handout
Integration Handout Solutions

Week 13:
Lecture Notes 6.4
Lecture Notes 6.5

Week 14:
Lecture Notes 6.6

Additional Resources

Private tutors through the Q-center:

Link: Website

Patrick JMT:

Link: WebsiteYoutube

Description: His website and youtube channel contain many videos on different calculus topics. He’s also a great chess player.

Khan Academy:

Link: Khan Academy

Description: This is what I used when I took calculus I-IV. They have made a ton of youtube videos for many fields and the website has many practice problems. You have to make an account, but it’s worth it.

Paul’s Online Math Notes

Link: Paul’s Online Math Notes Calculus 1

Description: Basically just a bunch of webpages concerning calculus material. This site was really helpful for me.

Q Center:

Link: QCenter

About us:

The University of Connecticut’s Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center) is a resource to elevate the proficiency of students taking quantitative intensive (Q) courses across the undergraduate curriculum. We provide direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, review sessions, and the creation of innovative learning tools.

During the academic year, our main activities include:

Free drop-in peer tutoring Sundays to Fridays on the first floor of the Homer Babbage Library.
Review sessions for students in highly populated Q courses.
Working with faculty teaching Q courses to improve student learning.


Link: Youtube

Description: I think we all know Youtube. However, you might not be aware of the massive amounts of youtubers who make education videos. If you are stuck on a math concept and want someone to explain it to you “in person”, just youtube it!