About Me

About me: I am a PhD student of mathematics at the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Prof. Guozhen Lu. I am from a small harbor town in Washington state and I always welcome any mathematical discussions.

I will be graduating in May 2022 and my thesis will be on sharp geometric inequalities on rank one symmetric spaces (the hyperbolic spaces) and their boundaries (the Heisenberg groups).

Click here for info about a worldwide virtual seminar on geometric inequalities I have been co-organizing.

CV: here

Research Interests: Analysis on flat and curved geometries (e.g., hyperbolic spaces) and noncommutative groups (e.g., the Heisenberg group) using Fourier analysis, geometric analysis and PDE methods. Recent works focus on sharp geometric and functional inequalities and problems in several complex variables.

Contact: first.last@uconn.edu where first=”joshua” and last=”flynn”.